Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dream Big!

I am buay with my job lately so I dont have time to update my blog, but I do really missed it so hopefully I am able to update it from now on whats going on with my life lol! Ive been dreaming lately that I won a lottery but the saddest part is I dont have a chance to buy a ticket for it, how am I going to win if I dont have an urge to buy a slot of lottery at store a big lol! well If I could win the jackpot then my teenage nephew will very happy to own a conn 8d that his dreaming off for quite sometime because I cant afford to buy it from nos hahaha, so dream big might be I am a lucky lotto winner and buy him this precious piece. Cross fingers!

I'm Back!

After a long hiatus Ive decided to update this blog...its been ages the last time I wrote in here. I terribly missed it but I was pre occupied with my life lately, but Im back good to be back... so I am going to update here whats going on with my life lately! 

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas Season

Its only four months that I am here in States but I want to go home for good lol. I dont know but I am really love to enjoy life with my family and friends at early 40s lol. Getting an early retirement is my top priority right now lol. Well, This is my plan right now because I dont want to stay here for good without my late husband, its way too different. I missed him more.

My Future Plan

I really missed home and Im just arrived here four months ago lol. Hoping my plan will going through in Gods help because I really love to go back home and stay there for good and be with my family. Right now I just want to work hard and save earned money for my family and my future. Hoping I will get my Nephew a taylor t5 when Im going back home. Well see, its a couple of years before Im planning to go home for good.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Its Christmas season once again time really flies fast and I cant wait for next year to go home for good because I just want to enjoy life while Im still young. Financially im really good this time and just be with my family and have enough time to read the EntirelyPets blog because I enjoy it much.i cant wait for the time that I am completely enjoy life to the fullest.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Season

Its been a cold day lately and you bet Winter season is fast approaching. Good thing that I relocate in different state that its not freezing cold so I am so happy that I don't need to wrap my entire body to keep warm. Although, I've been living in below the temperature place for more that 7 yrs but its really nice to have a warm weather especially when you are getting old lol...arthritis kick in during cold season!

Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is fast approaching and I am really sad yo celebrate it thousand miles from my family back home. Soon I will celebrate Christmas with them for good but right now I have to work hard for my family future especially my little Nephews and Nieces. Its gonna be perfect to give my teenage Nephew this link here and you bet his been very happy to received it since his musical inclined teen and I'm so proud of him. Well, might be soon if I can get a great deal then I will surprise him with this stuff that added to his collection.

Cold Wednesday Night

Its been a cold night and I could tell that Winter season is fast approaching. How I wish I am in my native land because its not really cold as ice there all year round lol. Well, Im alone at home and keeps me company right now is to find here lol, I never tired of surfing these gorgeous stuffs and you bet my teenage Nephew really amazed to find it out well, 2 more months its gonna be Christmas season and who knows I am going to surprise him with a gift that he would like to received.Well see...